Right clicking on any file -> Explorer crashes @ Win 7 (64 bit): "SugarSync Virtual Drive" shell extension was the cause

key words:

  • error: BEX64
  • module: SugarSyncVFSNamespace64.dll_unloaded

The followings steps worked for me:
  1. Exit SugarSync manager (anyways. in my case Explorer crashes regardless of manger is running or not)
  2. Download and run ShellExtView ( http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/shexview.html )
  3. Disable "SugarSync Virtual Drive" (there is no Save command. It immediately takes effect)
  4. Log off -> log in
Note I have never used SurgarSync drive (it's simply felt to me a bad idea) and I don't care if this cause some side effects on the S-drive.

See also:
http://sugarsync.hivelive.com/posts/7905912dee (possibly related?)

http://ameblo.jp/kaimonojyoz/entry-11649332607.html (in Japanese)
In this page the author recommends to disable other two shell extensions too, which results in disappearance of the sugarsync menu from the right-click context-menu. I wanted to keep this function (esp. "copy public link") alive so I disabled only the "SugarSync Virtual Drive". FYI, you can also copy a public link to clipboard from the sugarsync manger  by clicking a folder > share > share public link > chain icon.

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